How it works

Reduce carbon footprint by 50%

Reduce carbon footprint by 50%*

Infrared heating technology

Infrared heating technology

Best price in town, guaranteed

Best price in town,guaranteed

Better quality than traditional methods

Better quality than traditional methods

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Thoroughly Clean The Pothole For Repair

Whenever performing an infrared repair it is necessary to clean the pothole of dirt and debris.  Dirt is an insulator of the radiation absorbing into the pavement as well as a contaminant if raked into the repair.


Heat The Pothole

Our technicians position the infrared unit over the area to be repaired. We heat the pothole for 8-10 minutes or until the asphalt is soft up to 3-5 inches deep. Our technology boasts a significant maneuverability advantage over all competitors when it comes to navigating a jobsite.


Rake and Rejuvenate The Repair Area

After the infrared unit is removed, we rake and reshape the treated pothole. If the area has seen a lot of oil pitting, we will remove the old asphalt. Majority of repairs allow us to apply our rejuvenator to the existing asphalt. Asphalt rejuvenator is a manufactured emulsion that absorbs, or penetrates, pavement and restores the reactive components lost to oxidation.


Add New Asphalt And Level

Nearly all infrared repairs will require some new asphalt. In the summer time we use the highest quality hot mixed asphalt available and in the winter we use only the best cold mixed asphalt. Craftsmanship is premium! When leveling a repair, it is typical to leave the new pavement ¼” above surrounding grade to allow for compaction.


Compact The Treated Pothole

The repaired pothole is compacted while still hot, creating a seamless thermal bond between the old asphalt and the newly repaired area. The compactor delivers over 2,500 lbs of pressure to the newly repaired area.


Cool Down and Clean

Our techs will sweep and shovel away any debris left near the repair. Most repairs can be driven on immediately. We make sure to leave the job site clean, presentable, and ready for use.

*50% greener claim is based on traditional pothole repair methods using the diamond cutting technique. Claim still being tested for exact percentage accuracy.