How To Repair Potholes

Learning how to repair potholes can be a very profitable thing to do. Potholes are an inevitable part of life and as long as there are roads and people to drive on them, there will be people in need of pothole repair services. If you're thinking of becoming a pothole patcher you might be wondering what the process actually entails.

The Pothole Repair Process

The pothole repair process consists of: cleaning the area that needs to be patched, heating the asphalt, raking and rejuvenating the repair area, adding new hot patch asphalt, leveling the asphalt, compacting the area, cooling down the asphalt, and cleaning up. Depending on what methods and equipment you use, this could take anywhere from twenty minutes to 48 hours. You'll find that some equipment can be operated with a two man crew while others take up to four people.

For those of you who are considering a career in asphalt repair, why not go into business for yourself? Our company offers franchising opportunities that can help you get started. Dr. Pothole franchises receive all of the equipment and training needed to run a successful pothole repair company.

Pothole Repair Training

Our franchises receive four weeks of professional training with a franchise manager and an asphalt repair crew. You'll learn how to repair apartment complexes, office parks, shopping centers, roads, driveways, and much more. After your four week training period you will easily be able to handle any pothole repair job in your market.

Pothole Repair Equipment

We recognize that all the training in the world can't help a pothole repair crew if they don't have any pothole repair equipment. All of our franchises receive all of the equipment necessary to efficiently and effectively repair any pothole they may encounter. Many other companies sell pothole repair equipment, but they do not train their buyers how to use them. In addition to this, other companies provide professional pothole repair training, but they do not provide the equipment. We proudly provide you with both so that you can hit the ground running.

Furthermore, our equipment is far superior to the relics many asphalt repair companies are currently using. This is because we use advanced infrared heating technology that allow our crews to operate with only two people. Using only a two person crew, our franchises can effectively patch a pothole within a time period of twenty minutes. Contact us today for more information on becoming a part of the Dr. Pothole family.

Green Infrared Repair System
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Best price in town, guaranteed

Best price in town,guaranteed

No job is too big or too small
for us. We won’t be undersold
by any of our competitors!
Call or email us for a free
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Better quality than traditional methods

Better quality than traditional methods

Our technology allows us to
repair your pothole with a
higher quality than traditional
methods. We stand by our
repair for 13 months*!
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Infrared heating technology

Infrared heating technology

Our patented infrared heating
technology allows us to
create a seamless thermal
bond between the current
asphalt and the newly
repaired area.
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Reduce carbon footprint by 50%

Reduce carbon footprint by 50%

A traditional pothole repair
releases enough CO2 that it would
take 11 trees to process the
carbon. With the Doc’s method,
it only takes 1-2 trees to process
the CO2 released.
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"R.L Travers, TriMark Corp, Royco, and A.J. Dwoskin are just a handful of satisfied Dr. Pothole clients that are saving a ton of money on their asphalt maintenance. Call or email us today for a free on site quote. "

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"Not only did Dr. Pothole save me a ton of money but they provided an excellent quality repair without the headache of jack hammering and clogging up my parking lot with big dump trucks and large crews that traditional asphalt companies bring. We will definitely be calling the "Doc" again!"

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