Asphalt Pothole Repairs

Asphalt pothole repairs need to be done as soon as the pothole starts to develop. The reason for this is because asphalt potholes will continue to get worse. This is especially true during the winter months. The constant freezing and thawing of the roads causes old potholes to get dramatically worse and new potholes to form.

Spring Time Maintenance

Although you should plan to do asphalt repairs on an as needed basis, spring time should be a high priority season for pot hole repair. Asphalt repair should be something that is planned for before the ice and snow melts so that you can have a crew ready to repair potholes as soon as the weather permits.

During the winter months, it might be a good idea to try to fix potholes in between snow storms. In order to do this you'll need an asphalt pothole repair crew that can get the job done quickly. Our crews can do both your asphalt driveway pothole repair and road pothole repair in about twenty minutes time. This is due to our cutting edge technology and is not something you will get from our competitors.

You'll also need to find a company that operates all year round. Many companies do not operate during the winter months because business tends to be slower. Our company recognizes that just because business is slower, it doesn't mean that we can leave our loyal customers stranded. Potholes can form at any time and it is important that we stay open 365 days a year.

On Going Asphalt Repair

The best way to keep your roads, driveways, shopping centers, businesses, and apartment buildings free of potholes is to continue to maintain them all year round. Our company offers a maintenance plan that repairs all of your pot holes as soon as they form.

This plan is great because it takes all of the uncertainty out of the pothole repair process. You simply contact us each time a pothole starts to form and we come out and fix it for you. You'll gain yourself a pot hole free life and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you no longer have to worry about this problem again. Your automobiles will no longer have to take on damage while you wait to find a pothole repair company to come out and fix your pothole for you. Why not contact us today to talk about what we can do for you?

Green Infrared Repair System
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Best price in town, guaranteed

Best price in town,guaranteed

No job is too big or too small
for us. We won’t be undersold
by any of our competitors!
Call or email us for a free
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Better quality than traditional methods

Better quality than traditional methods

Our technology allows us to
repair your pothole with a
higher quality than traditional
methods. We stand by our
repair for 13 months*!
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Infrared heating technology

Infrared heating technology

Our patented infrared heating
technology allows us to
create a seamless thermal
bond between the current
asphalt and the newly
repaired area.
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Reduce carbon footprint by 50%

Reduce carbon footprint by 50%

A traditional pothole repair
releases enough CO2 that it would
take 11 trees to process the
carbon. With the Doc’s method,
it only takes 1-2 trees to process
the CO2 released.
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"R.L Travers, TriMark Corp, Royco, and A.J. Dwoskin are just a handful of satisfied Dr. Pothole clients that are saving a ton of money on their asphalt maintenance. Call or email us today for a free on site quote. "

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"Not only did Dr. Pothole save me a ton of money but they provided an excellent quality repair without the headache of jack hammering and clogging up my parking lot with big dump trucks and large crews that traditional asphalt companies bring. We will definitely be calling the "Doc" again!"

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