Asphalt Patch Repair

Asphalt patch repair is not something the average person likes to think about. We park in our driveways and drive on our roads and assume that they will last forever. Unfortunately, roads do not last forever and asphalt patching will always be necessary.

It is not feasible for people to create an asphalt patch themselves, so it must be left to the professionals. A pothole patcher should operate in an efficient manner so that the pothole patch job does not block off important roads or create unnecessary inconveniences.

Pothole Patching

Pothole patching has traditionally taken an asphalt patcher with hot patch asphalt two full business days to complete a patch job. Although this creates a significant strain on traffic, it is important that the asphalt pothole be repaired before it gets worse. Asphalt potholes can easily spread and cause great damage to the roads and the vehicles that drive on them.

A Better Option

Fortunately, new technology has made it possible for a pothole filler to complete his job in just twenty minutes. The new method of repair uses infrared heating technology that quickly heats up the area and allows the asphalt repair crew to start work on fixing the pothole in less than twelve minutes.

This new cutting edge asphalt patch repair technology is also easy for professionals to operate. They no longer have to have a large four man crew with large trucks. Depending on the placement of the pothole, the road might not even have to be blocked off. Our crews consist of two men with just enough asphalt repair equipment to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

You'll also be happy to know that this technology makes use of the old asphalt, making it a green repair solution. The bonding process between old and new asphalt is so strong that you won't have to worry about recurring potholes. We even back this statement up with a thirteen month guarantee.


Although it might seem as though the cost of using new and improved technology might raise the cost of our repair services, in actuality it lowers them. You'll find that we can do the job in much less time, with less inconvenience to drivers, for half the price of typical repair crews. The reason for this is because we do not need to hire as many people for our repair crews. In addition to this, we save a significant amount of time and therefore can do more jobs with less people. All of these factors combine to make us the only logical choice for your next pothole repair job.

Green Infrared Repair System
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Best price in town, guaranteed

Best price in town,guaranteed

No job is too big or too small
for us. We won’t be undersold
by any of our competitors!
Call or email us for a free
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Better quality than traditional methods

Better quality than traditional methods

Our technology allows us to
repair your pothole with a
higher quality than traditional
methods. We stand by our
repair for 13 months*!
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Infrared heating technology

Infrared heating technology

Our patented infrared heating
technology allows us to
create a seamless thermal
bond between the current
asphalt and the newly
repaired area.
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Reduce carbon footprint by 50%

Reduce carbon footprint by 50%

A traditional pothole repair
releases enough CO2 that it would
take 11 trees to process the
carbon. With the Doc’s method,
it only takes 1-2 trees to process
the CO2 released.
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"R.L Travers, TriMark Corp, Royco, and A.J. Dwoskin are just a handful of satisfied Dr. Pothole clients that are saving a ton of money on their asphalt maintenance. Call or email us today for a free on site quote. "

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"Not only did Dr. Pothole save me a ton of money but they provided an excellent quality repair without the headache of jack hammering and clogging up my parking lot with big dump trucks and large crews that traditional asphalt companies bring. We will definitely be calling the "Doc" again!"

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