Asphalt Crack Repair

An asphalt crack repair is something that needs to be taken care of as soon as the crack begins to develop. If you're not sure whether this is true or not, you will be once you have finished reading this page.

What is an asphalt crack?

A crack in the asphalt is simply a split along the surface of the asphalt. It usually is not very wide and will not immediately cause any damage to vehicles driving over it or parking on top of it.

These cracks can be caused by poor drainage, physical trauma, and even the sun. This means that all asphalt will eventually begin to crack.

Why should I get asphalt patch repair done on my crack if it isn't hurting my car?

Asphalt repairs should be done as soon as possible, even if you just have a crack. This is because cracks can quickly turn into potholes. Once a crack becomes a pothole it can cause damage to both people and vehicles. This can lead to expensive lawsuits and costly vehicle repairs that could have been avoided. Also it is much less expensive to fix a small crack than it is to fix a fully developed pothole.

Why do asphalt cracks turn into asphalt potholes so quickly?

Cracks grow into potholes through the damaging effects of moisture. When a piece of asphalt has not undergone any sort of asphalt repair since the crack formed, water is able to get into the crack. This water will get under the asphalt and deteriorate the base, which will then lead to the formation of potholes.

During periods of cold weather, water can get into the crack and freeze. Once the water in the crack freezes, it will expand and force the crack to become even wider. Repeat this process over and over again each night, and you can see why a crack can turn into a pothole so quickly.

Where To Get An Asphalt Crack Repair Done

Now that you know why asphalt crack filling needs to be done so quickly, you probably want to know where and how to get it done. Asphalt crack filling is the process of cleaning the crack and then filling the crack with a hot rubberized crack repair liquid. This is done by cleaning and heating the area and removing all debris in the crack and then pouring and sealing the crack with melted hot rubber crack filler.

You can quickly and easily get this done through Dr. Pothole by contacting us on our contact page or by simply calling us toll free at 800-298-5587. We can fix a pothole or a pothole crack in less than twenty minutes. Call us today before your asphalt crack turns into an asphalt pothole.

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Asphalt Crack Repair
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Better quality than traditional methods

Better quality than traditional methods

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Infrared heating technology

Infrared heating technology

Our patented infrared heating
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bond between the current
asphalt and the newly
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Reduce carbon footprint by 50%

Reduce carbon footprint by 50%

A traditional pothole repair
releases enough CO2 that it would
take 11 trees to process the
carbon. With the Doc’s method,
it only takes 1-2 trees to process
the CO2 released.
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